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Advanced study Group (ASG) at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

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The theme for this Advanced Study Group (ASG) is the significance of language in the generation of evaluated information (intelligence) in a structured process (intelligence process). The interdisciplinary elucidation of linguistic, cognitive and legal aspects of practical information management is likely to result in new material of both scientific and practical value. The primary intention is to study information originating from human sources, such as witness statements, interrogations and agenda-driven conversations, but other information in which text is important, such as material published online, is of interest.

Current linguistic, psychological and legal research probably contains scientific answers on matters that organisations are involved in on a practical level: What does a source’s statement actually say? What is the best way to analyse an oral or written report? How can validity and reliability be measured? Which scientific methods can provide support in practice? Can text analysis be automated? Is it possible to use writing analysis to assess the level of truth in a statement? Can body movement analysis be used in this context? What sources of error stem from automated transcription? What is the effect of cognitive-psychological factors? Is there a way to help sources improve their recall? How are analysts to take the limitations of memory into account when evaluating information? What is the effect of ethical and legal aspects?
Short titleI nationens intresse
Effective start/end date2019/08/192020/08/20

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  • Other Social Sciences not elsewhere specified
  • Languages and Literature
  • Psychology
  • Law and Society