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Advanced study Group (ASG) at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

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Computers are used by a diverse group of researchers at Lund University as an integral part of their efforts to answer a broad range of research questions.

This user population is an extremely broad community, including several areas within the physical sciences, medical imaging, large facilities such as MAX IV and CERN, environmental modelling, and the humanities. INTEGRATE ASG will bring together these researchers in order to share expertise, advance research at the boundaries of research areas, and to identify the training needs of the next generation of researchers in computational techniques.

INTEGRATE began in VT 2016 and ran throughout 2016. Four one-day discussion meetings were organised in order for participants to learn more about everyone's research activity and knowledge. The four meetings had the following broad themes: 1) generation of data; 2) storage of data; 3) analysis of data; and 4) visualisation of data. These meetings included invited external speakers who are leading experts in relevant areas.

INTEGRATE hosted hack days where people worked in an informal setting to produce computer code (i.e. programs) to solve a problem introduced by someone within the INTEGRATE ASG community. We also hosted math-hack days which worked in a similar way but involve producing a piece of mathematics (i.e. a quantitative calculation) to solve a particular research problem posed by one of the ASG participants.
Effective start/end date2015/08/152016/08/15

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  • Humanities
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