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Robotics is a multi-disciplinary topic and we collaborate with both national and international robotics colleagues regarding different aspects of robotics. We also have a close cooperation with industrial partners. Our main research is in motion and compliance control, control system architectures and different sensor fusion problems, with application mostly to industrial manipulators. We often use modified and extended ABB robot control systems as experimental platforms, but also other industrial control software platforms that allow experimental control as developed in research and student projects. Robotics Lab plays an important role in collaboration with industry, as well as for establishing startups (with LU Innovation, e.g., as for Cognibotics AB at Ideon). Robotics Lab organizes a yearly outreach event for schools (Robotveckan) attracting several hundred students each year in the context of the annual euRobotics Week. Besides, we also participate in other outreach activities like Flickor på teknis, Kulturnatten, and similar events. Robotics Lab has hosted several master thesis projects in cooperation with industry, e.g., ABB, Axis, B&R, Modelon, Cognibotics, Combine, Crazyflie, TWI Ltd.
Short titleRobotLab LTH
Effective start/end date1993/01/012029/12/31

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  • Robotics
  • Control Engineering