Molecular pathogenesis of early osteoarthritis

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The meniscal pathway is one of the most common causes of osteoarthritis. This pathway is characterized by tearing of meniscus tissue, which is a critical, load-distributing cartilage present between the femur and tibia of the knee. Our work shows that such meniscus tears are part of a degenerative disease process, not the outcome of acute knee trauma as previously considered. These early meniscus tears are strongly associated with subsequent development of knee osteoarthritis. Molecular changes associated with meniscus degeneration and tearing may therefore be promising targets for early detection and modification of the disease. To characterize these changes, we conduct mass spectrometric analysis of meniscal tissue from healthy and arthritic individuals.

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We systematically map the meniscal proteome and characterize the molecular changes in meniscus tissue during osteoarthritis. These molecular changes will identify candidate biomarkers for detection in synovial (joint) fluid and blood for diagnostics and monitoring of early-stage osteoarthritis.
Effective start/end date2016/01/012020/01/30