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The project MISK - Music, Interactive design, Mind stimulation and Quality - will develop a new multisensory musical instruments that enable people with extensive communicative, cognitive and physical disabilities to express themselves musically and communicate with others. The MISK instrument is based on a digital platform as a foundation, on which you build up and individually adapt the choice of sounds and the playing style. The purpose of the project is to create conditions for users in the target group to express themselves and participate in music making through instruments that offer varied and individually adapted expression opportunities. The development takes place in close collaboration with the target group.

The project will be documented and updated on a website where there will be detailed construction descriptions together with examples of what a MISK instrument can look like and an interaction guide. Representatives of MISK will also present the instrument in connection with fairs and conferences.

The experiences from the project will continue in regular activities at Eldorado Gothenburg and at Furuboda Folkhögskola and will be spread to other municipalities and institutions.

Layman's description

Project MISK aims to develop interactive, multisensory musical instruments for people with extensive communicative, cognitive and physical disabilities.
Effective start/end date2022/01/012024/12/31

Collaborative partners

  • Lund University
  • Municipality of Gothenburg (lead)
  • Furuboda KompetensCenter
  • FUB Göteborg
  • Världskulturmuseet