National multilevel co-managed coordination of active ageing policies in Italy.

Project: Commissioned research

Project Details


it is a 3-year project (2019-2022) based on a formal agreement between the Italian Presidency of the Council of Minister – Department for Family Policies (DIPOFAM, funding body) and IRCCS INRCA. The partnership is completed, in terms of team members, by representatives of the Ministry of Labour and of INAPP. The project aims to create a national multilevel co-managed coordination of active ageing policies in Italy. By involving all the relevant stakeholders (institutional representatives from ministries, other public administration national bodies, and from regional governments; representatives from the civil society at the national and regional level) in all its various phases, the project plans 5 main steps. Starting from an analysis of the state of the art concerning active ageing policies at the national and regional level (step 1), guidelines will be produced for policy making and policy implementation in the field of active ageing (step 2), by also exploiting the good practices identified. The next aim would be to identify one or more areas where to intervene to improve the status quo in the various geographical contexts, based also on the results concerning the state of the art analysis (step 3), and then to proceed towards an implementation process of active ageing policies by using the guidelines (step 4), monitoring the evolution of the process (step 5). This 3-year pilot project would consist in a preparatory work in sight of a possible elaboration of a national active ageing strategy.
Effective start/end date2019/04/012020/08/31