Not Just King of One Kingdom - The legacy of the Valdemarian Kings c. 1157-1375

  • Hundahl, Kerstin (PI)

Project: Dissertation

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The Valdemarian kings and their rule have been of particular importance to the historical self-presentation and perception of ‘Danish’ history. This perception is at least partly inspired by the perceived grandeur of these kings and their conquest, i.e. the extent of the territories. This thesis seeks to explore what these 'other' territories meant to Danish kingship.

Once upon a time Denmark was a great and powerful kingdom led by strong warrior kings. These kings were able to conquer vast areas, which were consequently attached to the kings' title. These included vast areas stretching across the baltic coastline. The perception of this greater Danish kingdom or even empire, still holds great sway over both the public but also the academic world.

It is however rare that any studies, popular, general or academic incorporate or consider these 'other' territories as part of a Danish history. In reality many of these territories and their period under Danish kingship is considered part of that modern nation state's history today. Moreover, the national history writing of more than last hundred years has effectively created borders in the history books themselves. Therefore these territories and their attachment and the importance to danish kingship remains unstudied. The purpose of this project is the rectify this oversight by providing a wider and more inclusive history of the Valdemarian kings and their legacy. Exploring what these territories meant to the development of Danish kingship, its perception, self-representation and how the past kings were utilized via propaganda to cement the legitimacy of the Danish kings.
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