Optimisation of geoelectrical tomography for underground construction applications - Step 1

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The overall aim is to help create better engineering geological conceptual models, regarding groundwater occurrence, rock quality and depth to rock by developing better pre-investigation technology, in order to contribute to environmentally and economically more sustainable construction by minimisation of geological risk. The goal is to increase the time and cost efficiency of DCIP (Direct Current resistivity and Induced Polarization) tomography through research on and development of the surveying technique, to enable the creation of rock models with better resolution in 3D and less uncertainties in the determination of the material properties. The project's specific goals are to adapt and develop measurement methodology and measurement technology so that in a more time and cost-effective way, DCIP tomography can be implemented in 3D, with improved data quality and quantification thereof. The goal includes developing a hardware prototype with associated software to enable testing and evaluation of developed methodology and technology at full scale
Short titleGeoelectrical tomography for underground construction
Effective start/end date2020/11/012022/06/30


  • Geoelectrical
  • Tomography
  • ERT
  • DCIP
  • Underground construction
  • Pre-investigation
  • Site investigation