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The aim of this ASG is to initiate some understanding of how the communication between community and research is created, what it is and how it should be conveyed are factors that are important to asses as it can vary between the different research disciplines as well as how new research is valued and implemented.

CON-X builds on the integration of sociological, medical/health and environmental research. The role of communication between science, medicine, regulators and prescribers (midwives) will be explored to unravel the complexity of evidence-based practice when it covers conflicting evidence. Creating understanding, highlighting research and information needs and knowledge, will provide a conceptual framework. There is a need for exchange of knowledge and ideas and development of social networks between scientists, but in the long run also decision makers to improve the current situation.

With hormonal contraceptive as a starting point, this ASG brings together scholars to initiate a cross-cutting dialogue on how to elucidate how scientific developments on environmental, gender, cultural and sustainability issues can be taken into account in evidence-based health care. The seminars will be devoted to knowledge exchange between our fields of study and structuring interdisciplinary research questions to understand the underlying complexity of evidence-based practice. By interdisciplinary cooperation we will link natural science, humanities and medicine, which make it possible to disentangle complex information cross-overs and connection points, affecting relations and make predictions beyond the range of historical experience.
Effective start/end date2017/09/012018/05/31