Repair and Reconstruction of Peripheral Nerve Injuries: Treatment with G-CSF and Stromal Vascular Fraction

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While surgery is a cornerstone in treatment of peripheral nerve injuries, it is not a comprehensive approach, and outcome is unsatisfactory, especially sensory function. The present aim was to translate recent findings about stem- and progenitor cells to improve regenerative outcome, where the cells have to be autologous, available within the same surgical procedure, and minimally manipulated.

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Vid nervskador i händer och armar får patienter, trots bästa behandling, bestående
förlust av känsel och muskelstyrka. I det här projektet undersökte jag om läkningen
skulle kunna förbättras genom att tillföra kroppsegna stamceller till skadeområdet.
Short titleRepair and Reconstruction of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Effective start/end date2010/01/012019/10/08

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  • Neurosciences