STEPS – Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways, Phase 1

Project Details


STEPS' research programme started in autumn 2016 after being awarded the funding for Mistra´s call of proposals on “Plastics in a Sustainable Society”.

The program, with a strong support from important stakeholders, has a vision of a future society in which plastics are sustainably developed, produced, used and recycled in a circular economy. STEPS is planned in close dialogue with industrial partners, and thus reflects the market needs for sustainable plastic systems both on a short-term and long-term basis.

It is based on the concept of designing eco-friendly plastics with desired material properties by matching appropriate carbon-neutral building blocks and their derivatives. The main focus is on polyesters, which represent a plastics group with varying properties for wide range of applications and a sizable global market.

STEPS' ambition is to play a key role in instigating and accelerating this sustainability transition by strengthening the knowledge and research base for technology- and product development and innovation, developing and assessing key niche products with industrial partners, and analysing the sustainability, institutional and policy implications of potential transition pathways.
Effective start/end date2016/09/012020/08/31


  • MISTRA, Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research

UKÄ subject classification

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Political Science
  • Energy Systems


  • Plastics
  • polyesters
  • sustainable transition pathways