Storehouse Archaeology

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Storehouse archaeology seeks to make archaeological material available for research. Since the 1950s, excavations have been conducted for purposes of teaching and research. With a sense of ethical responsibility we are now excavating the stores, classifying and registering the finds from those excavations. Forgotten archaeological material is being rediscovered. The finds are being made visible.

Archaeologists dig. Expensive excavation reports have sometimes been set aside for decades. The project tackles the forgotten reporting of archaeological excavations. Like detective work, the documentation is now being compiled. Finds are being classified and registered. What was excavated from the earth is now being excavated from the stores.

Reports on excavations large and small have provided new and broader knowledge of Skåne’s prehistoric and medieval past. We now know more about places from Kullaberg to Österlen. Old familiar and sometimes forgotten archaeological find spots are given a new life.
Effective start/end date2011/01/012015/12/31