Systematic Antenna Design Using the Theory of Characteristic Modes

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The Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM) offers useful physical insights that provide a path to understanding the underlying electromagnetic properties of an object. This doctoral project analyzes how TCM can be applied to all objects (dielectric, and magnetic) as well as how to exploit TCM for antenna design.

Layman's description

This doctoral project analyzes the radiation characteristics of objects, as well as how to design antennas.
Short titleSystematic Antenna Desing Using TCM
Effective start/end date2012/09/172016/11/29

UKÄ subject classification

  • Communication Systems


  • Theory of Characteristic Modes
  • Antenna Design
  • Antenna
  • Characteristic Modes
  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • MIMO Systems
  • MIMO
  • MIMO Antennas
  • Mutual Coupling
  • Mobile Antenna