TAASK: Training in anaesthetic acute situations and crises

  • Thomas, Owain (PI)
  • Walther-Sturesson, Louise (CoI)
  • Bonnevier, Johan (CoI)
  • Enekvist, Bruno (CoI)
  • Bodelsson, Mikael (CoI)
  • Tranberg Lindqvist, Anna (CoI)
  • Chew, Michelle (CoI)
  • Remahl, Lisa (CoI)
  • Wisén, Ellinor (CoI)
  • Savolainen, Kristin (CoI)
  • Folatre, José-Gabriel (CoI)
  • Hedén, Karin (CoI)
  • Bylund, Magnus (CoI)
  • Westfelt, Petter (PI)
  • Rimes-Stigare, Claire (CoI)
  • Steinarsdóttir, Thorey (CoI)
  • Sigmundsson, Thorir (CoI)
  • Wennmo, Anna (CoI)
  • Pettersson, Linn (CoI)
  • Jacobsson, Anna (CoI)
  • de Brun, Anna (PI)
  • Edfelt, Malin (CoI)
  • Arctaedius, Isabelle (Researcher)
  • Christensson, Camilla (Researcher)
  • Remahl, Lisa (Researcher)
  • Savolainen, Kristin (Researcher)

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Project Details


Standardized simulation courses in the prevention and treatment of anaesthetic crises, with a focus on both technical and non-technical skills.
Short titleTAASK
Effective start/end date2013/04/02 → …

Collaborative partners

  • Lund University
  • SFAI Svensk Förening för Anestesi och Intensivvård (lead)
  • Kliniskt träningscentrum, Karlstad
  • Kliniskt träningscentrum, Umeå
  • Kliniskt träningscenter, Örebro
  • CAMST Simulatorcentrum, Karolinska Universitetssjukhus
  • Helsinki University Hospital, Academic Simulation Center
  • Simulatorcentrum i Väst

UKÄ subject classification

  • Anesthesiology and Intensive Care