Technologies in the home to support independence and well-being while ageing: “The New Normal?” post pandemic

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As a person ages, the home and neighborhood play an increasingly important role. This is especially true after retirement. In Sweden, older people are now encouraged to stay at home, even in the event of health problems and the need for care and service. This policy has created a need for new solutions for the elderly to be able to maintain their independence and well-being in the home environment.
In parallel with investments in technology that will support the general independence of the elderly, we have also seen a rapid development of advanced healthcare in the home.

During the covid-19 pandemic, these issues became even more topical. The elderly were advised to stay at home, avoid public places and contact with other people. This led to many elderly people being isolated, avoiding home care and instead using various technological solutions to maintain their social contacts. But what will happen in the future? The researchers in this field point out that technical solutions to support an aging population should be evaluated before they are implemented. A deep understanding of needs and desires after the pandemic is required so that products and solutions that produce positive results are developed.
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