The Individual and Social Ramifications of Epidemics in Saudi Literary Outputs

  • Almahfali, Mohammed (Researcher)
  • Ahmad, Suhail (Researcher)
  • Al-Moghales, Mashhoor (Researcher)
  • Adel, Abdel-Fattah (Researcher)

Project Details


This research will attempt to analyze how the Saudi writers, especially the novelists and poets, have dealt with epidemics through their works regardless of the historical eras, past to present, focusing on social, psychological and human dimensions, and the reaction and interaction of societies and individuals with this looming danger. Such a critical period of human history has posited new questions and challenges for the global community that require solidarity among individuals and societies which can be addressed through literary outputs as they reflect the impact of such epidemics on human ties and community in hard times.
Effective start/end date2021/02/012021/11/30