The role of On-Demand Transit in a Just Future Public Mobility (JustFuture)

Project: Research

Project Details


Purpose and goal:
The objective of JustFuture is to examine, compare, and learn from two On-Demand Transit solutions deployed
in different urban and rural contexts in two continents; MARTA Reach in Atlanta and Plusresa in southern Sweden. The aim is to explore the potential role of on-demand transit in different contexts and assess its future possibilities and challenges for public mobility with a special focus on transport equity and equality. The project goal is to lay a strong foundation for a long-term sustainable and productive collaboration between involved project partners in the US and Sweden.

Expected results and effects:
JustFuture is based on examining and advancing the knowledge gained from the experience of
deploying on-demand transit solutions in different contexts and in different geographies. By
taking advantage of experiences and reflections, JustFuture aims to
contribute to knowledge and strengthen the conditions for innovation within sustainable mobility.
The project will particularly focus on issues such as its impact on transit equity and equality, its potential for reducing social and spatial inequalities and the inclusion of the needs and preferences of users.

Approach and implementation:
JustFuture represents a new collaboration with excellent potential to lay the foundation for a longterm sustainable innovation through collaboration between the involved project parties. Methods include collection and analysis of documents and other material and relevant literature. Interviews with stakeholders and other key persons involved in the two initiatives as well as site visits. Dissemination of results both through written publication(s) and via oral dissemination. Identification of research gaps and key issues to be addressed in further collaborations.
Effective start/end date2023/11/272025/05/30

Collaborative partners


  • Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)