Who are the physicists? Production and negotiation of student teachers’ subjectivities in physics.

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The aim of my PhD is to examine how student teachers of physics create and negotiate subjectivities in relation to the physics culture both as students and as teachers and to identify how this process reproduces and/or challenges social inequalities. The purpose of this study is to identify teaching practices that enable more students to perceive themselves as prospective successful physicists. This is done through an ethnographical study of how everyday social practices inform student teachers subjectivities. Furthermore, my project traces the student teachers' practices from their education to their work environment, with the intention of bridging the knowledge of how these supposedly separate practices are, in fact, interconnected.
Short titleWho are the physicists?
Effective start/end date2022/09/012026/08/31

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  • Educational Sciences
  • Cultural Studies


  • ethnography
  • STS
  • situated knowledge
  • Feminism
  • postcolonialism
  • physics education
  • diversity
  • Inclusion
  • equality