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Advanced study Group (ASG) at the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies

Layman's description

Scholars at Lund University carry out research about different aspects of fires, such as fire safety, climate change, biodiversity, public health, conflicts, and environmental security. However, until now these researchers have not come together in a group to study fires in an interdisciplinary way. This Advanced Study Group brings together researchers from several different disciplines and faculties, who shares a joint research interest around the topic of wildfires.

The discussions will be guided by the following research question:

What characterizes wildfires in the Anthropocene epoch?

The ASG aims to

Understand the different anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic causes of wildfires, and how they work together to ignite or create increased wildfire risk
Discuss the short-and long-term effects of wildfires on issues such as environment, biodiversity, society, economy, and health
Find ways to prevent the world from or prepare it for heightened wildfire risk?
Work towards expanding the theoretical, methodological, and empirical knowledge in the field?
Effective start/end date2022/01/012023/05/31

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  • Fire
  • interdisciplinary
  • Anthropocene
  • Wildifires
  • Climate change