Working title : Medieval Power Structures and Revelation Theology through the Descriptions of Women’s Roles in Angela of Foligno’s (ca.1248-1309) Liber and Birgitta of Vadstena’s (1303-1373) Revelaciones.

Project: Dissertation

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The present project aims at bridging the gap between a historical approach to Liber and Revelaciones and the study of the theological notions discussed by Angela’s and Birgitta’s works. The the project aims at comparing the Liber of Saint Angela of Foligno (c.1248-1309) with the Revelaciones of Saint Birgitta of Sweden (1303-1373) in order to elucidate the connection between women’s sociocultural roles, medieval power structures and theological assumptions as described by the two works.
Effective start/end date2018/09/032022/06/30