Achieving short high-quality gate-all-around structures for horizontal nanowire field-effect transistors

J. G. Gluschke, J. Seidl, A. M. Burke, R. W. Lyttleton, D. J. Carrad, A. R. Ullah, S. Fahlvik, S. Lehmann, H. Linke, A. P. Micolich

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We introduce a fabrication method for gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistors. Single nanowires were aligned perpendicular to underlying bottom gates using a resist-trench alignment technique. Top gates were then defined aligned to the bottom gates to form gate-all-around structures. This approach overcomes significant limitations in minimal obtainable gate length and gate-length control in previous horizontal wrap-gated nanowire transistors that arise because the gate is defined by wet-etching. In the method presented here gate-length control is limited by the resolution of the electron-beam-lithography process. We demonstrate the versatility of our approach by fabricating a device with an independent bottom gate, top gate, and gate-all-around structure as well as a device with three independent gate-all-around structures with 300, 200, and 150 nm gate length. Our method enables us to achieve subthreshold swings as low as 38 mV dec-1 at 77 K for a 150 nm gate length.

Original languageEnglish
Article number064001
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2018

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Nano Technology
  • Condensed Matter Physics

Free keywords

  • field-effect transistor
  • GAA
  • gate-all-around
  • nanowire
  • nanowire alignment


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