AKKA: Ledarutvecklingsprogram för kvinnor vid Lunds universitet 2004-2005. Erfarenheter av ett genusintegrerat ledarskapsprogram.

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From the gender equality policy for Lund University 2001-2005 it is inferred that the overall objectives for Lund University is to achieve a balance between the number of women and men in undergraduate studies and postgraduate education within various occupational groups and in committees and boards. The aim of this programme is to increase the number of women in leading positions at the university. At the prospect of future nomination of Faculty deans, Pro-faculty deans, Administrative Heads of Departments and governing bodies, it is of great importance that more women are given the opportunity to become candidates. For this reason the university is determined to present an offensive venture on leadership development for possible female leaders within the academy. We are convinced that more women in leading position can change the prevailing structure of power.
The programme is targeted towards female researchers and teachers with employment at the university and who possess a certain experience of leadership and positions.
The programme started in October 2004 with a conference. This was followed by regular, whole or half day seminars, over the course of one year, held once a month in Lund. The programme is built on continuity and active participation. The participants will moreover have the opportunity to influence the content of the programme.
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