Arbetsgivarstrategier i Sverige under 100 år

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The chapter on Swedish employers' associations contains a calculation on collective bargaining coverage in 1995. Despite the absence of state extension mechanisms collective agreements in 1995 covered as much as 90 per cent of all private sector employees (p. 211). Including the public sector the rate was 94 per cent. The same year the density of employers' organisations was 77 per cent, i.e. 77 per cent of all private sector employees were employed by enterprises affiliated to employers' associations. The chapter also discusses a number of strategic choices made by Swedish employers during the examined 100 years period. Among these are the shifts to centralized collective bargaining in the 1950s, the efforts to decentralize bargaining from the 1980s, followed by successively strenghtened internal coordination of collective bargaining within SAF (Swedish Employers' Confederation). The intensified efforts to influence public opinion is also paid a great deal of attention.
Original languageSwedish
Title of host publicationArbejdsgivere i Norden. En sociologisk analyse af arbejdsgiverorganisering i Norge, Sverige, Finland og Danmark (Nord 2000:25)
EditorsCarsten Strøby Jensen
PublisherNordiska ministerrådet
Number of pages130
ISBN (Print)92-893-0557-6
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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