Azinyl sulfides - Part LXVIII - X-ray structure of 14-phenyldiquino[3,4 b;4 ',3 '-e][1,4]thiazine

Céline Besnard, C Kloc, Theo Siegrist, K Pluta

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The title compound 1 (C24H15N3S) crystallizes in an orthorhombic unit cell, with a = 8.2355(3), b = 19.1499(8), and c = 11.3520(5) angstrom, Z = 2, and space group Pnma. The pentacyclic ring system is folded mainly along the S-N(2) axis and slightly along the C(3)-C(4) and C(3')-C(4') axes. The butterfly folding angle between the two quinoline planes is 48.96(3)degrees and the angle between the planes of the two halves of the thiazine ring is 43.46(7)degrees. The central thiazine ring is in a boat conformation. The phenyl substituent is unexpectedly in an axial location with respect to the thiazine ring with the C-N center dot center dot center dot S angle of 114.0(1)degrees and it is perpendicular to the bisecting plane of the pentacyclic ring system.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)731-736
JournalJournal of Chemical Crystallography
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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  • Chemical Sciences


  • dibenzoazaphenothiazine
  • phenothiazine
  • thiazinodiquinoline
  • C24H15N3S
  • diquinothiazine
  • heteropentaphene


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