Behöver vi en nationell språkpolitik?

Ulf Teleman, Margareta Westman

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The article presents an analysis of the status of Swedish in relation to the use of English in Sweden and gives some examples to show that Swedish as a national language is losing some functional domains to English. Based on basic democracy principles and the need for effective communication some arguments are given for a national policy to guarantee the status of Swedish and how such a policy could be implemented. The authors formulate two basic goals: (1) Swedish should be a complete language, i.e. a language for communication in every domain without trivializing the meaning. (2) Swedish should be the basic public language of the Swedish nation and society and be an official language in the European union.
Original languageSwedish
Specialist publicationSpråkvård
PublisherSvenska språknämnden
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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  • Languages and Literature


  • national language
  • official language
  • functional domains
  • public language
  • Swedish
  • language politics

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