Characterization of a computer board-to-board ultra-wideband channel

Johan Kåredal, Amit Singh, Fredrik Tufvesson, Andreas Molisch

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In this paper we present the results of an extensive ultra-wideband (UWB) measurement campaign performed inside the chassis of two desktop computers. The purpose of the campaign is to analyze the possibility of board-to-board communications, replacing cable connections. Measurements of the propagation channel are performed over a frequency range of 3.1 - 10.6 GHz using a vector network analyzer and antennas small enough to enable integration on a circuit board. The results show that the propagation environment is very uniform, with small variations in the path gain between different positions within a computer. We also performed interference measurements, showing that the interference is restricted to certain subbands.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)468-470
JournalIEEE Communications Letters
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2007

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering

Free keywords

  • ultra-wideband
  • interference
  • wireless communications
  • statistical model
  • channel measurements


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