Commissioning of a 6.4T superconducting wavelength shifter at MAX-lab

Erik Wallén

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The 6.4 T wavelength shifter at MAX-lab is a three pole superconducting planar wiggler with a warm bore, i.e. the vacuum tube passing through the wavelength shifter is at ambient temperature. The wavelength shifter, including surrounding systems such as power supply and He liquifier, has been assembled, tested, and commissioned at MAX-lab. The wavelength shifter has been installed into the 1.5 GeV MAX II electron storage ring. A field of 6.4 T in the central pole has been obtained and a consumption of 4.3 1/h of liquid helium has been measured under nominal working conditions. The influence on the stored electron beam in the MAX II ring has been measured and the measurements have shown that the wavelength shifter will not degrade the performance of MAX II. The wavelength shifter is however not in use at present and it has been taken out of the MAX II storage ring.

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation


  • wiggler
  • superconducting
  • wavelength shifter
  • synchrotron radiation


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