Coppinsiella and Seawardiella – two new genera of the Xanthorioideae (Teloschistaceae, lichen-forming Ascomycota)

Sergey Kondratyuk, Ingvar Kärnefelt, Lázló Lőkös, Jae-Seoun Hur, Arne Thell

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The genera Coppinsiella and Seawardiella are described based on the combined phylogenetic analysis from ITS nrDNA, 28S nrLSU and 12S mtSSU sequences. The affinities of the new genera Orientophila, Athallia, Flavoplaca and Calogaya are discussed. The former Caloplaca lobulata group (or ‘Xanthoria lobulata-Gruppe’ sensu Steiner et Poelt 1982) found to be positioned in the Calogaya clade based on ITS phylogeny while after a three gene phylogeny (based on ITS nrDNA, nrLSU and mtSSU sequences) two species (i.e.: Seawardiella lobulata and described as new S. tasmaniensis) were located in the Seawardiella clade of the Xanthorioideae. Three other species (i.e. Lazarenkoella zoroasteriorum, L. persica and L. polycarpoides) were positioned in the Lazarenkoella-clade of the Brownlielloideae. The position of all species of the Calogaya clade (after ITS phylogeny) should be re-evaluated based on three gene phylogeny from ITS nrDNA, nrLSU and mtSSU sequences. The new species Seawardiella tasmaniensis is described, illustrated and compared with closely related taxa. New combinations are suggested for eight taxa (i.e. Athallia inconnexa (for Lecanora inconnexa Nyl.), Calogaya safavidiorum (for Caloplaca safavidiorum S. Y. Kondr., in Kondratyuk et al.), Coppinsiella orbicularis stat. et comb. nov. (for Caloplaca substerilis subsp. orbicularis M. Haji Moniri, Vondrák et Malíček), Coppinsiella substerilis (for Caloplaca substerilis Vondrák, Palice et van den Boom, in Vondrák et al.), Coppinsiella ulcerosa (for Caloplaca ulcerosa Coppins et P. James), Lazarenkoella persica (for Xanthoria polycarpoides var. persica J. Steiner); Lazarenkoella polycarpoides (for Xanthoria polycarpoides J. Steiner), and Seawardiella lobulata (for Lecanora lobulata Flörke)
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)369-386
JournalActa Botanica Hungarica
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Sept 19

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Botany


  • combined phylogenetic analysis, Lazarenkoella, new genera, Xanthorioideae


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