Courses for doctoral supervisors – an arena for learning and development (keynote presentation, abstract)

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In this session, we will describe how Lund University’s courses for doctoral supervisors have evolved over time and how they have been key for learning and development on the individual, collective and organisational level. The courses provide a unique arena that allows supervisors to share and investigate experiences, practices and circumstances that normally are hidden, sometimes deep within departments and research groups. Course participants’ investigations are used and developed further in subsequent courses and enduring patterns have provided starting points for the course facilitators’ own research. As a result, a cumulative and highly contextualised body of knowledge has materialised and over time replaced much of the traditional “generic” content. In parallel, local and national networks and conferences on doctoral supervision have emerged, and both course participants and facilitators have published their research. In some instances, supervisor courses have become deeply integrated with doctoral education, quality work and faculty strategies.

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Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jan 19
EventETH Zurich Symposium on Doctoral supervision (Keynote talk) - ETH, Zürich, Switzerland
Duration: 2019 Jan 242019 Jan 25


ConferenceETH Zurich Symposium on Doctoral supervision (Keynote talk)
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