Current activities in the ICRP concerning estimation of radiation doses to patients from radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic use

Sören Mattsson, L. Johansson, Sigrid Leide Svegborn, J. Liniecki, D. Nosske, K. Riklund, M. Stabin, D. Taylor

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A Task Group within the ICRP Committees 2 and 3 is continuously working to improve absorbed dose estimates to patients investigated with radiopharmaceuticals. The work deals with reviews of the literature, initiation of new or complementary studies of the biokinetics of a compound and dose estimates. Absorbed dose calculations for organs and tissues have up to now been carried out using the MIRD formalism. There is still a lack of necessary biokinetic data from measurements in humans. More time series obtained by nuclear medicine imaging techniques such as whole-body planar gamma-camera imaging, SPECT or PET are highly desirable for this purpose. In 2008, a new addendum to ICRP Publication 53 was published under the name of ICRP Publication 106 containing biokinetic data and absorbed dose information to organs and tissues of patients of various ages for radiopharmaceuticals in common use. That report also covers a number of generic models and realistic maximum models covering other large groups of substances (e.g. "(123)I-brain receptor substances"). Together with ICRP Publication 80, most radiopharmaceuticals in clinical use at the time of publication were covered except the radioiodine labeled compounds for which the ICRP dose estimates are still found in Publication 53. There is an increasing use of new radiopharmaceuticals, especially PET-tracers and the TG has recently finished its work with biokinetic and dosimetric data for (18)F-FET, (18)F-FLT and (18)F-choline. The work continues now with new data for (11)C-raclopride, (11)C-PiB and (123)I-ioflupan as well as re-evaluation of published data for (82)Rb-chloride, (18)F-fluoride and radioiodide. This paper summarises published ICRP-information on dose to patients from radiopharmaceuticals and gives some preliminary data for substances under review.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationJournal of Physics: Conference Series
PublisherIOP Publishing
Publication statusPublished - 2011
EventInternational Conference on Image Optimisation in Nuclear Medicine (OptiNM) - Cyprus, Cyprus
Duration: 2011 Mar 232011 Mar 26

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ISSN (Print)1742-6596
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ConferenceInternational Conference on Image Optimisation in Nuclear Medicine (OptiNM)

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  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging


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