Design of an optimized nested-mirror neutron reflector for a NNBAR experiment

R. Wagner, J. Barrow, C. Bohm, Gustaaf Brooijmans, H. Calen, J. Cederkäll, J. Collin, K. Dunne, P. Fierlinger, U. Friman-Gayer, M. Frost, M. Holl, Y. Kamyshkov, E. Klinkby, A. Kupsc, D. Milstead, A. Nepomuceno, T. Nilsson, A. Oskarsson, H. PerreyB. Rataj, N. Rizzi, V. Santoro, Samuel Silverstein, A. Takibayev, M. Wolke, S. C. Yiu, A. R. Young, L. Zanini, O. Zimmer

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


The NNBAR experiment for the European Spallation Source will search for free neutrons converting to antineutrons with an expected sensitivity improvement of three orders of magnitude compared to the last such search. This paper describes both the simulations of a key component for the experiment, the neutron optical reflector and the expected gains in sensitivity.

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Accelerator Physics and Instrumentation
  • Subatomic Physics

Free keywords

  • Instrumentation for neutron sources
  • Monte-Carlo simulations
  • Neutron optics


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