Detection of laminin 5-specific auto-antibodies in mucous membrane and bullous pemphigoid sera by ELISA

V Bekou, S Thoma-Uszynski, O Wendler, W Uter, S Schwietzke, T Hunziker, C C Zouboulis, G Schuler, Lydia Sorokin, M Hertl

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Mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) is an autoimmune bullous disease that primarily affects mucous membranes leading to a scarring phenotype. MMP patients produce auto-antibodies (auto-ab) that preferentially recognize two components of the dermoepidermal basement membrane zone (BMZ): bullous pemphigoid (BP)180 and laminin 5 (LN5). Since detection of disease-specific auto-ab may be critical for diagnosis of MMP, we developed an ELISA with affinity-purified native human LN5. A total of 24 MMP, 72 BP, and 51 control sera were analyzed for LN5-specific auto-ab: 18/24 (75.0%) MMP and 29/72 (40.3%) BP sera were LN5 reactive. Sensitivity and specificity of the LN5 ELISA for MMP were 75% and 84.3%, respectively, and 40.3% and 88.2% for BP, respectively. The LN5 ELISA was more sensitive than a dot blot assay with native LN5, which detected LN5-reactive IgG in 14/24 (58.3%) MMP and 16/72 (22.2%) BP sera. In MMP, but not BP, levels of LN5-reactive IgG correlated with disease severity. Furthermore, IgG reactivity to LN5 of the MMP and BP sera was not significantly associated with IgG reactivity against other autoantigens of the BMZ, such as BP180 or BP230. Thus, the established LN5 ELISA holds great promise as a novel diagnostic and prognostic parameter for MMP.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)732-740
JournalJournal of Investigative Dermatology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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  • Dermatology and Venereal Diseases


  • BP180
  • dermoepidermal junction-auto-antibody
  • laminin 5
  • pemphigoid


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