En internationell fredspolitiker vid 1900-talets början - Anna Bugge Wicksell.

Marika Hallström

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Letters and notes that expose collaboration in and between different creative networks and ethical-political theorists, governmental counsellors and personalities from 1886 to 1928 are now more accessible in the Anna Bugge Wicksell collection at the University Library of Lund. Anna Bugge Wicksell had central functions in The Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation, after which she was co-opted as an expert onto the Swedish committee for a league of nations. She was given a central position in The League of Nations, where she was able to enhance influence in society for ethnic groups of people that didn’t have any right to vote.
Original languageSwedish
Specialist publicationIkoner: vision och tradition
Publication statusPublished - 2006

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Information Studies


  • utrikesdepartementets kommitté för folkförbundsärenden 1918
  • Neutral conference for continuous mediation 1916-1917
  • the Henry Ford peace plan 1915-1917
  • international woman suffrage alliance archive 1919-1927
  • league of nations permanent mandates commission 1921-1928
  • storstrejken 1909

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