Evaluation of a standardized protocol for thrombin generation using the calibrated automated thrombogram: A Nordic study

Marcus Ljungkvist, Karin Strandberg, Erik Berntorp, Roza Chaireti, Pål André Holme, Ole Halfdan Larsen, Riitta Lassila, Annukka Jouppila, Timea Szanto, Eva Zetterberg

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Introduction: The thrombin generation assay-calibrated automated thrombogram (TGA-CAT) method is used to measure the overall coagulation capacity in plasma. However, the method is still considered to be a research tool, mainly because of its’ lack of standardization. Aim: Our study aimed to further raise the standardization level for the TGA-CAT method by evaluating a detailed standardization protocol and three reference plasmas’ (RP)s ability to normalize results. Methods: Six Nordic centres participated in the study, and with input from all centres a detailed laboratory standardization protocol based on the TGA-CAT manual of the manufacturer was established. Three types of plasma, hypo-,normal and hypercoagulable plasma were assessed. Three commercial lyophilized RPs were used for normalization of data. All samples were aliquoted at the Malmö centre and sent frozen at −20˚C to participating centres. Results: Before normalization, all results under all testing conditions showed inter-laboratory coefficient of variability of 10% or lower except for endogenous thrombin potential (12%) and peak (14%) in hypo-plasma with 1 pmol/L tissue factor as starting agent. Successful normalization, improving variability in results, was obtained with two of the three evaluated RPs (HemosIL RP and Affinity RP). Conclusion: With our standardization concept, we were able to produce TGA-CAT results as robust as standard coagulation assays used in the routine laboratories. Normalization with HemosIL RP may be considered in populations with low or unknown coagulability, while when analysing plasma samples from populations where hypercoagulability is known or suspected, normalization with Affinity RP may be preferred.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)334-342
Issue number2
Early online date2019 Feb 4
Publication statusPublished - 2019

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Hematology


  • haemophilia
  • normalization
  • reference plasma
  • standardization
  • test of agreement
  • thrombin generation assay


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