Förhallen i Dalby som dopkapell: en digital rekonstruktion

Nicolo Dell'Unto, Ing-Marie Nilsson, Jes Wienberg

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The crypt in Dalby as a batisterium – a digital reconstruction

The article presents an example of the on-going research at Dalby in Scania, Sweden, focusing on the baptismal font and its original medieval context. The site and the current research are presented. Dalby was a medieval cathedral, Augustinian monastery and maybe also a royal manor. The crypt and font from the 12th C are presented. The architecture and functions of the crypt have changed several times since its erection. The font, when first documented in the 19th C, was standing near the altar in the eastern part of the nave. After a restoration in the 1940s it was moved to the western end of the nave. However, after a functional and iconographic analysis of the crypt and the font, the hypothesis is put forward that the font originally was positioned in the middle of the crypt. During the Early Middle Ages the crypt would have functioned as a baptismal chapel with a well to draw water from, as was most likely also the case in nearby Lund cathedral.

In order to perform a deeper study on the functionality of this space during the Middle Ages, 3D technologies such as terrestrial laser scanner and image based modelling techniques have been employed. The goal of this work is the visualization of the crypt with the font in its original setting, removing later additions and adding elements that would have been present in the 12th century.

The use of such methods allowed us to reconstruct in high quality and with accuracy of details an environment that does not exist any longer, moreover the possibility to visualize and analyse our interpretation of the space in three dimensions, opened new perspectives regarding the number of people on the benches and how the crypt might have functioned
Original languageSwedish
Pages (from-to)12-23
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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  • Archaeology


  • Digital reconstruction
  • 3D
  • crypt
  • baptismal funt

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