First Study on Nihonium (Nh, Element 113) Chemistry at TASCA

A. Yakushev, L. Lens, Ch. E. Düllmann, M. Block, H. Brand, T. Calverley, M. Dasgupta, A. Di Nitto, M. Götz, S. Götz, H. Haba, L. Harkness-Brennan, R-D. Herzberg, F. P. Heßberger, D. Hinde, A. Hübner, E. Jäger, D. Judson, J. Khuyagbaatar, B. KindlerY. Komori, J. Konki, J.V. Kratz, J. Krier, N. Kurz, M. Laatiaoui, B. Lommel, Christian Lorenz, M. Maiti, A.K. Mistry, Ch. Mokry, Y. Nagame, P. Papadakis, A. Såmark-Roth, D. Rudolph, J. Runke, L.G. Sarmiento, T.K. Sato, M. Schädel, P. Scharrer, B. Schausten, J. Steiner, P. Thörle-Pospiech, A. Toyoshima, N. Trautmann, J. Uusitalo, A. Ward, M. Wegrzecki, V. Yakusheva

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Nihonium (Nh, element 113) and flerovium (Fl, element 114) are the first superheavy elements in which the 7p shell is occupied. High volatility and inertness were predicted for Fl due to the strong relativistic stabilization of the closed 7p1/2 sub-shell, which originates from a large spin-orbit splitting between the 7p1/2 and 7p3/2 orbitals. One unpaired electron in the outermost 7p1/2 sub-shell in Nh is expected to give rise to a higher chemical reactivity. Theoretical predictions of Nh reactivity are discussed, along with results of the first experimental attempts to study Nh chemistry in the gas phase. The experimental observations verify a higher chemical reactivity of Nh atoms compared to its neighbor Fl and call for the development of advanced setups. First tests of a newly developed detection device miniCOMPACT with highly reactive Fr isotopes assure that effective chemical studies of Nh are within reach.
Original languageEnglish
Article number753738
Number of pages9
JournalFrontiers in Chemistry
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Nov 30

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Subatomic Physics

Free keywords

  • superheavy elements
  • Nihonium, Nh, element 113
  • production
  • gas-phase chemistry


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  • On the adsorption and reactivity of element 114, flerovium

    Yakushev, A., Lens, L., Düllmann, C. E., Khuyagbaatar, J., Jäger, E., Krier, J., Runke, J., Albers, H. M., Asai, M., Block, M., Despotopulos, J., Di Nitto, A., Eberhardt, K., Forsberg, U., Golubev, P., Götz, M., Götz, S., Haba, H., Harkness-Brennan, L., Herzberg, R-D., & 39 othersHeßberger, F. P., Hinde, D., Hübner, A., Judson, D., Kindler, B., Komori, Y., Konki, J., Kratz, J. V., Kurz, N., Laatiaoui, M., Lahiri, S., Lommel, B., Maiti, M., Mistry, A. K., Mokry, C., Moody, K. J., Nagame, Y., Omtvedt, J. P., Papadakis, P., Pershina, V., Rudolph, D., Sarmiento, L. G., Sato, T. K., Schädel, M., Scharrer, P., Schausten, B., Shaughnessy, D. A., Steiner, J., Thörle-Pospiech, P., Toyoshima, A., Trautmann, N., Tsukada, K., Uusitalo, J., Voss, K-O., Ward, A., Wegrzecki, M., Wiehl, N., Williams, E. & Yakusheva, V., 2022 Aug 25, In: Frontiers in Chemistry. 10, 11 p., 976635.

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  • Spectroscopy along flerovium decay chains: Discovery of 280Ds and an excited state in 282Cn

    Såmark-Roth, A., Cox, D., Rudolph, D., Sarmiento Pico, L., Carlsson, G., Egido, J. L., Golubev, P., Heery, J. A. M., Yakushev, A., Åberg, S., Albers, H. M., Albertsson, M., Block, M., Brand, H., Calverley, T., Cantemir, R., Clark, R. M., Düllmann, C. E., Eberth, J., Fahlander, C., & 34 othersForsberg, U., Gates, J. M., Giacoppo, F., Götz, M., Götz, S., Herzberg, R-D., Hrabar, Y., Jäger, E., Judson, D., Khuyagbaatar, J., Kindler, B., Kojouharov, I., Kratz, J-V., Krier, J., Kurz, N., Lens, L., Ljungberg, J., Lommel, B., Louko, J., Meyer, C-C., Mistry, A., Mokry, C., Papadakis, P., Parr, E., Pore, J. L., Ragnarsson, I., Runke, J., Schädel, M., Schaffner, H., Schausten, B., Shaughnessy, D. A., Thörle-Pospiech, P., Trautmann, N. & Uusitalo, J., 2021 Jan 22, In: Physical Review Letters. 126, 3, 7 p., 032503.

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  • Editorial

    Rudolph, D., Elding, L. I., Fahlander, C. & Åberg, S., 2016 Dec 1, Nobel Symposium NS 160 – Chemistry and Physics of Heavy and Superheavy Elements: EPJ Web of Conferences. Rudolph, D. (ed.). EDP Sciences, Vol. 131. p. 1-2 2 p. 00001

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