Fission in the landscape of heaviest elements: Some recent examples

J. Khuyagbaatar, A. Yakushev, Ch.E. Düllmann, D. Ackermann, L.-L. Andersson, M. Block, H. Brand, J. Even, U. Forsberg, W. Hartmann, R.-D. Herzberg, F.P. Heßberger, J. Hoffmann, A. Hübner, E. Jäger, J. Jeppsson, B. Kindler, J.V. Kratz, J. Krier, N. KurzB. Lommel, M. Maiti, S. Minami, D. Rudolph, J. Runke, L.G. Sarmiento, M. Schädel, B. Schausten, J. Steiner, T. Torres De Heidenreich, J. Uusitalo, N. Wiehl, V. Yakusheva

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The fission process still remains a main factor that determines the stability of the atomic nucleus of heaviest elements. Fission half-lives vary over a wide range, 10^−19 to 10^24 s. Present experimental techniques for the synthesis of the superheavy elements that usually measure α-decay chains are sensitive only in a limited range of half-lives, often 10^5 to 10^3 s. In the past years, measurement techniques for very short-lived and very long-lived nuclei were significantly improved at the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA at GSI Darmstadt. Recently, several experimental studies of fission-related phenomena have successfully been performed. In this paper, results on 254−256Rf and 266Lr are presented and corresponding factors for retarding the fission process are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNobel Symposium NS 160 – Chemistry and Physics of Heavy and Superheavy Elements
EditorsDirk Rudolph
PublisherEDP Sciences
Number of pages8
ISBN (Electronic)978-2-7598-9011-8
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 1
EventNobel Symposium NS160: Chemistry and Physics of Heavy and Superheavy Elements - Bäckaskog Castle, Kristianstad, Sweden
Duration: 2016 May 292016 Jun 3
Conference number: 160

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NameEPJ Web of Conferences
PublisherEPD Sciences


ConferenceNobel Symposium NS160
Abbreviated titleNS160
CityBäckaskog Castle, Kristianstad
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  • Subatomic Physics

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  • heavy elements
  • fission


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