Freeze-thaw and de-icing resistance of concrete : research seminar held in Lund, June 17, 1991 : RILEM committee TC-117 FDC

Göran Fagerlund (Editor), Max Setzer (Editor)

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The RILEM Committee TC-117 FDC -Freeze-Thaw and De-icing Resistance of
Concrete:-started its workwith a first meeting that was hel d in Essen in May 1990. A second meeting was held in Brighton in November the same year.
During both meetings, some differences in opinion were disc10sed concerning the effects of different externai and internai factors on the de-icing resistance and concerning the manner in which a relevant de-icing resistance test should be made. Therefore, it was decided that a one-day seminar should be held during the third meeting of the committee in order to givethe committee members the possibility to present their results and to express their opinion concerning the salt-scaling problem. This third meeting was held in Lund on June 27-28, 1991. The research seminar was held on the first day of the meeting.
This report contains all the manuscripts that were delivered by the speakers af ter the seminar. Some oral presentations were not followed by written manuscripts, however. Some manuscripts included in this report have been or wlll be published elsewhere.
We think that this collection of papers will be of considerable value for the future work
within the RILEM Committee and also for other research workers which take interest in
the salt-scaling problem
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDivision of Building Materials, LTH, Lund University
Publication statusPublished - 1992

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NameReport TVBM 3048
ISSN (Print)0348-7911

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Conference Name: 3rd meeting of the RILEM Committee TC-117 FDC
Conference Location: Lund, Sweden
Conference Date: 1991-01-27/1991-01-28

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  • Materials Engineering


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