Grund og gård i Tønsberg

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Ground-plot and property in Tønsberg (Norway):
A study in the urban settlement and ground-plot pattern of Medieval Tønsberg - part 3 of a research project on the Northern part of the Medieval Town. The main site of the study is Baglergatan 2, excavated in 1981-82. The development of a border system of the Medieval ground-plots is discussed in the light of archaeological sources from the whole town area and in retrospectively from the 19th C maps. The ownership of ground-plots is studied in written sources and it is concluded that most of the were owned by persons of a high social position living out of town. A "Bryggen paradigm" on the pattern of townyards as single-yards and double-yards is discussed and it is concluded that these types of townyards are not found in Tønsberg.
Original languageDanish
Place of PublicationTønsberg
PublisherRiksantikvaren, utgravningskontoret i Tønsberg
Number of pages137
ISBN (Print)0802-5436
Publication statusPublished - 1992

Publication series

NameArkeologiske rapporter fra Tønsberg
ISSN (Print)0802-5436

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  • Archaeology


  • town yard
  • ground-plot
  • property

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