Hypens Grammatik, informationsteknologi i återberättandet som myt, praktiserad verklighet och vetenskaplig analys, alternativt, IT-hypen åren innan och omkring millennieskiftet, i väntan på nästa hype och nästa och nästa.....

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In English; The Grammar of The Hype digital information technology -IT- in retelling as myth its experienced reality and in scientific analysis or the IT-hype in the years prior to and at the turn of the millennium waiting for the next hype and the next, and next...

This is the title of my thesis/book and it focuses rather on a particular “hype” than deals with the so-called information society as such. What is implied here is a new type of technology - digital information technology - that was generally introduced in the years before and at the turn of the millennium. My thesis could also be applied, I think, to other situations of a similar kind that, might be characterised as hypes or as “periods of irrational exuberance”. What is usually referred to as “IT within information society” I would consider to be an excellent illustration of such phenomena for contemporary times.

Chapter 2 - The Myth - deals with IT and technology, and how it was manifested in our society at fairs, exhibitions, lectures and conferences focusing at IT the year 1999 and 2000.

Chapter 3 - The Users - deals with seven “IT-users” and their retelling, based on different experiences of IT - in various context, in working life.

Chapter 4 - The Theorists – penetrates the views of nine scientists and their different analysis focusing on “technology and IT in the society”.

Chapter 5 - The Grammar of The Hype ... - The conclusions of the above analysis are - put in relationship to the “IT-users” counterpart. I also present theoretical thoughts in order to illustrate the main characteristics and functions of a “hype” in the society.

The thesis shows how a social anthropological approach can be used to penetrate the phenomena “technology and IT” as an influential force in the society. A quite extensive summary in English, based on the final chapter of my thesis is intended to act as a “highlight” of the main points.
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