Improving the quality of healthcare through interdisciplinary education - a collaboration between Medicine and Gender Studies

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While Gender studies has sometimes been placed in opposition to biomedicine and medical practices in public debate, there is increasing scholarly recognition of the relevance of social factors and relationships for biological and medical phenomena and for the quality and equity of healthcare practices (Chin et al., 2016; Meloni, Cromby, Fitzgerald, & Lloyd, 2018; SKL, 2014). In Sweden and internationally, medical schools have identified the need to integrate approaches from social science and humanities in their curricula (LagroJanssen, 2012; Miller et al., 2013; Polianski, 2012; Viberg, 2010). This emerging interdisciplinarity in higher education, wherein different scientific traditions are bridged, has inspired new forms of collaborations and educational efforts. In this presentation, researchers from the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University will present experiences of developing and teaching a course in gender studies aimed at healthcare practitioners. The 7,5 credit course Det jämlika vårdmötet has attracted a large number of students working in different positions within the Swedish healthcare system. The course builds on gender research as well as research in public health, social epidemiology and organization studies, thus bridging theoretical traditions, methodological approaches and research themes for the purpose of encouraging students to reflect on their professional practices in new ways. The focus of this presentation is what the course can teach us about interdisciplinary collaborations and their potential for reaching new groups of students with new and challenging questions and approaches in the interest of quality assurance in public service.


ConferenceLund University's Teaching and Learning Conference 2019
Otherhosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, together with the Division for Higher Education Development
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  • Gender Studies
  • Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology


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