Investigating consecutive conflicts of pedestrian crossing at unsignalized crosswalks using the bivariate logistic approach

Lai Zheng, Cheng Wen, Yanyong Guo, Aliaksei Laureshyn

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Pedestrians confront risky situations at unsignalized crosswalks when they are consecutively interacting with motorized vehicles and non-motorized vehicles while crossing. This study aims to investigate the safety of pedestrians with a new perspective that focuses on consecutive conflicts occurring during pedestrian crossing. Based on about 9 h video data collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle from six unsignalized crosswalks of a roundabout, consecutive conflicts were identified, and an integrated severity index that combines post encroachment time, jerk and yaw rate ratio was proposed to measure the severity of consecutive conflicts. Moreover, bivariate logistic models that account for and not account for the correlation between the pedestrian-motorized vehicle (P-MV) conflict and the pedestrian-non-motorized vehicle (P-NV) conflict of a consecutive conflict were developed, and speed-, count-, time to zebra-related factors and other factors of involved road users were considered in the models. A total of 899 consecutive conflicts were identified and on average one in six pedestrians encountered consecutive conflicts. The bivariate logistic modeling results show that the model accounting for the correlation significantly outperform its counterpart. A negative correlation is found between the severities of P-MV conflict and P-NV conflict, and the P-NV conflict is more likely to be the serious one. It is also found that speed of motorized vehicle and time to zebra for the first conflicting subject are the common factors that affect the severities of both P-NV conflicts and P-MV conflicts, while speed of pedestrian, speed of non-motorized vehicle, number of motorized vehicles, number of non-motorized vehicles, group and direction of pedestrians have significant effects on the severity of either P-MV conflicts or P-NV conflicts.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106402
JournalAccident Analysis and Prevention
Publication statusPublished - 2021

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Transport Systems and Logistics

Free keywords

  • Bivariate logistic model
  • Consecutive conflict
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Unsignalized crosswalk


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