Law, Society, and Corruption: Exploring (Anti-) Corruption From Interdisciplinary and Multilevel Perspectives

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Corruption has become, without a doubt, a buzzword in both academic and policy debates over the last three decades. The initial view that “corruption greases the wheels of economic growth” in the newly independent states of Africa and Asia has lost its validity in light of the current and ever-growing global coalition against corruption, spearheaded by Transparency International (TI) and the World Bank. However, despite the unrelenting global anti-corruption efforts, one thing seems clear: There is no remedy to this “cancer.” In light of the obvious failure of global anti-corruption initiatives, there has been a growing call to rethink the existing approaches. Responding to this call, this educational and research material aims to contribute to global anti-corruption efforts by examining (anti-) corruption from an interdisciplinary perspective, looking at mainstream theoretical, empirical, and methodological issues and debates in economics, political science, business, organizational sciences, criminology, social anthropology, and socio-legal studies. It will also explore corruption from a multi-level perspective, exploring the mutually transforming interactions between (a) global and transnational anti-corruption laws, initiatives, discourses, and institutions, (b) national/central-level institutions, initiatives, policies, and laws, and (c) local, meso- and micro-level actors, social norms, and practices.
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Publication statusPublished - 2023 Jan 2

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  • corruption
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