Lichenological Contributions in Honour of David Galloway.

Ingvar Kärnefelt (Editor), Arne Thell (Editor)

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David Galloway, former president of the IAL, became 65 in May 2007. On this occasion 55 colleagues and friends contributed a Festschrift with 36 papers. The editors took the chance to invite papers in two major fields of interest of the jubilee; the history of lichenology and southern hemisphere and tropical lichenology. The historical part of the volume comprises 7 papers on 118 pages including A bibliography of David Galloway (L. Arvidsson). Special contributions are devoted to Eric Acharius (I. Kärnefelt & A. Thell), William Lauder Lindsay (D. L. Hawksworth) and Richard Spruce (M. R. D. Seaward) or to broader topics like the history of lichenology in Norway (P. M. Jørgensen), the early years of the International Association for Lichenology (I. Kärnefelt & A. Thell) and the history of the Uppsala lichen herbarium (R. Moberg: What a visitor’s book reveals). The major part with nearly 500 pages presents a wide range of taxonomic or floristic novelties from the Southern Hemisphere but also 4 papers on lichen ecology. 13 species are named in honour of David Galloway in the present volume. They are listed on page 28 at the end of the bibliography; but unfortunately there is no list of the many other taxonomic novelties and changes introduced in the volume. Three new genera are proposed: Catillochroma Kalb in the Megalariaceae, Davidgallowaya Aptroot in the Parmeliaceae s.l. and Gallaicolichen Sérusiaux & Lücking. Taxonomic changes (mostly new taxa) are presented in the following genera: Anzia, Bacidia, Bilimbia, Caloplaca, Candelaria, Carbonea, Chiodecton, Cladonia, Coccocarpia, Coenogonium, Cryptolechia, Dactylospora, Haematomma, Himantormia, Hypotrachyna, Leptogium, Megalaria, Menegazzia, Parmelia, Parmeliopsis, Parmotrema, Punctelia, Ramalina, Relicina, Rimularia, Roccella, Sphaerellothecium, Teloschistes, Tephromela, Thelotrema and Trapelia. There is also a number of keys included in various papers: cetrarioid lichens in the southern hemisphere (T. Randlane & A. Saag), Coccocarpia in Costa Rica (R. Lücking et al.), Cryptolechia all species (K. Kalb), Ramalina osorioi group in South America (H. Kashiwadani et al.) and Teloschistes in Africa (P. Frödén & I. Kärnefelt). To highlight the variety of topics the 2 most extended papers might be mentioned. In a paper entitled New species of the genus Caloplaca in Australia (S. Ya. Kodratyul et al.) no less than 19 new species are described. Under the title A contribution to the knowledge of lichenicolous fungi and lichens occurring in New Zealand (J. Hafellner & H. Mayrhofer) data on 60 taxa are presented of which 28 represent new country records. Limited space does not allow to mention more single contributions. The editors Ingvar and Arne did an impressive job by organizing and editing such a huge and important volume but nevertheless a few shortcommings must be mentioned: on page 43 and 47 a paragraph of 14 lines is printed twice and on page 43 in the second line the word "clerynen" appears which should be read as "clergymen". Few photograph illustrations are of lower quality because of the use of scanned copies instead of the original photographs (e.g. p. 57).
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PublisherJ. Cramer
Number of pages603
ISBN (Print)978-3-443-58074-2
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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NameBibliotheca Lichenologica

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