Lyhördhet : studenters uppfattning av lyhördhet i omvårdnad och utbildning

Translated title of the contribution: ´Lyhördhet´. Students´ Conceptions of ´Lyhördhet´ in Care and Education

Bodil Frisdal

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis (monograph)

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The word lyhördhet has its origin in Danish and exists only in the Nordic languages. In this summary the Swedish word is used in italics without translation.The subject of this dissertation is lyhördhet in nursing education, what lyhördhet can be and how it can be made a valuable part of educations involving care of human beings, in particular nursing education.The term lyhördhet has not previously been subject to research and the dissertation includes a sematic discussion about the origin of the word and its representations in other languages, as well as of its use in literature and news media, past and present.An analysis of the related terms intuition and empathy is also included as well as an overview of the use of the word lyhördhet in literature about pedagogy, research methodology and nursing care. The method used is qualitative / hermenutic, inspired by fenomenography and contextual analysis.The study includes 25 nursing students. During the clinical part the students have observed and noted examples where, in their opinion, the actions were initiated by lyhördhet or lack thereof. 104 situations were identified. These have been cathegorized according to the situation in which they occurred. The lyhördhet is shown to be related to a required openness to the vulnerable situation of the patient and to react if the patient was subjected to physical or psychological injury. Also related were situations where the needs of the patient were not respected or made invisible.Lyhördhet is also shown to be connected to an openness to human need of being noticed, confirmation, security, relief, autonomy and integrity. Lyhördhet was also described as "hearing" the unspoken, to react to unexpected behaviour and to bad situations. Lyhördhet also includes to recognize the needs of relatives of the patient.Finally the importance of applying lyhördhet to oneself is stressed. The following concise definition of lyhördhet in nursing care and pedagogy concludes this study"Experience and knowledge integrated with empathy and compassion which, through intuition and a feeling for what is required in the specific situation and time, leads to an action with positive consequences.
Translated title of the contribution´Lyhördhet´. Students´ Conceptions of ´Lyhördhet´ in Care and Education
Original languageSwedish
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Award date2001 May 4
ISBN (Print)91-628-4680-9
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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Date: 2001-05-04
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Name: Dahlgren, Lars Owe
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  • true presence
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  • intuition
  • empathy
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  • nursing education
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  • wholeness
  • pedagogy
  • Pedagogy and didactics
  • nursing care
  • sensitive awareness
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  • didaktik


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