MicroRNA-155 and Anti-Müllerian Hormone: New Potential Markers of Subfertility in Men with Chronic Kidney Disease

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Background/Aims: Men with terminal renal failure are often infertile. Anti-müllerian hormone (AMH), a marker of Sertoli cell function, is decreased among men with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Recently, a microRNA, miR-155, has been shown to be a potential marker for subfertility. We studied miR-155 and semen parameters in patients with CKD who were not yet on dialysis. We also aimed to study possible associations between AMH, miR-155, and semen parameters to evaluate them as markers of fertility. Methods: Thirty male patients with CKD 1–4 as well as 18 healthy controls were enrolled. Results: Serum levels of miR-155 were significantly higher among men with CKD stages 1–2 (4.51 ± 3.81 [p = 0.01]) and stages 3–4 (2.75 ± 1.77 [p = 0.006]) than in controls (1.09 ± 0.44). Sperm concentration was significantly lower among men with CKD 3–4 (42 ± 29) ×106/mL compared to controls (88 ± 42) ×106/mL (p = 0.011). High levels of miR-155 were associated with a relatively low sperm concentration (p = 0.02) and with a low total sperm number (p = 0.005). Low AMH levels were associated with a decreased percentage of motile sperm cells (p = 0.02). Conclusions: We conclude that men with stage 3–4 CKD had lower sperm concentrations than healthy fertile men and that increased serum miR-155 in men with stage 1–4 CKD was associated with semen parameters that indicate subfertility. Low AMH levels were associated with a low percentage of the total number of motile sperm cells. miR-155 and AMH may be potential markers of subfertility in men with CKD.

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JournalNephron Extra
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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  • Chronic kidney disease
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