Nuytsia floribunda – sydvästra Australiens unika mistelträd och dess upptäckthistoria

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Nuytsia floribunda, was first described in print by Jacques Labillardière in a work from 1805 – Novae Hollandiae Plantarum Specimen – under the name of Loranthus floribundus. The name aimed at describing the colorful flowering, on a tree unique in the plant world through its hemiparastic way of living, developing of haustoria not seen elsewhere. Labillardière had observed the species on a journey near Esperance along Australia’s southwestern coastline. Nuytsia belongs in the family Loranthaceae which mainly includes epiphytic parasitic species. The English botanist Robert Brown later published a note about the species in 1831, now under the new generic name of Nuytsia, though without a formal description. The description was validated by a publication by George Don in 1834 with Browns epithet Nuytsia, a name dedicated to the Dutch navy explorer Pieter Nuyts.
Original languageSwedish
Specialist publicationBotaniska Notiser : utgivna av Lunds botaniska förening (2001-)
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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