Om begreppens klibbighet och problem: en intersektionell analys av jämställdhets-, likabehandlings- och mångfaldspolicy på Lunds universitet

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Policy documents are part of university’s positioning within national and globalized negotiations. Who is written in as belonging to academia, and how do we describe and ascribe belonging?
Since 2011 Lund University has an integrated policy for gender equality, equal treatment and diversity work. With this text, I analyze this policy and related documents to understand which meanings are attached to these three concepts and which bodies thess meanings get attached to in the process. I approach this analysis through Carol Bacchi’s analytical approach asking “what is the problem presented to be” as well as through Sara Ahmed’s notion of how meaning is attached, gets “stuck” to certain words, and how terms are attached to certain bodies. I argue that gender equality, equal treatment and diversity work are hierarchized in these texts. I also argue that there is an increase in conceptualizing gender equality, equal treatment and diversity work in terms of profitability and tolerance, both relations that manifest instead of challenge unequal relations of power.
Original languageSwedish
Title of host publicationAtt bryta innanförskapet. Kritiska perspektiv på jämställdhet och mångfald i akademin
EditorsKerstin Sandell
PublisherMakadam förlag
ISBN (Print)978-91-7061-151-3
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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I Hedda Anderssons fotspår: en öppen akademi

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  • Gender Studies


  • Ahmed
  • higher education
  • university
  • gender equality
  • diversity policy
  • Bacchi
  • policy analysis
  • Sweden

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