Ondska hos mi'kmaq : ett kulturellt och historiskt färgat begrepp

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To trace the concept of evil among one of Canada’s First Nations, the Mi’kmaq, becomes a journey in time and space with a variety of resources and voices to listen to. The concept is biased by the cultural context it is embedded in and by who is to define and who to be defined. The colonizers’ historical demonization of Mi’kmaq cosmology as being worship of the Devil can be reversed into the demonization by the Mi’kmaq of the contemporary hegemonic culture which doesn’t show respect for them or a willingness to share the general affluence of Canadian society. Evil as an abstract concept is thus discussed as a contextualized and time-bound phenomenon which is strategically used in separate power discourses.
Original languageSwedish
Pages (from-to)13-37
JournalDin: religionsvitenskapelig tidsskrift
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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  • Contemporary reserve life
  • Colonial impact
  • Mission
  • Hunter-Gatherer society
  • Mi’kmaq First Nation
  • The concept of Evil

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