Optimising binder blends for shallow stabilisation of fine-grained soils

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Soil stabilisation techniques often use cement or lime as
stabilising agents. Lately there has been an increase in
using blended binders. Mixing cement with slag or cement
with ¯y ash has gained in popularity. The prime purpose
of blending binders is to reduce the costs. Other aims are
to use waste material or to produce a new binder with
better properties. Blending binders does not automatically
result in a stabilising agent with better properties; in fact,
the reverse might be the case. Results from several tests
indicate that blended binders perform better than single
binders. In some countries, blended binders have been
manufactured for several years. This paper deals with both
the performances of blended binders and single binders in
different soils and with the techniques to evaluate the
effects of blending binders.
Translated title of the contributionOptimering av bindemedelsblandningar för finkorniga moräner
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)23-34
Number of pages12
JournalGround Improvement
Publication statusPublished - 2001 Feb

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  • Engineering and Technology

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